headshot1Greetings! I’m Danielle.

I am a seasoned journalist who frequently debates the use of the Oxford comma. I presently write medtech, medical innovation, and medical research stories for Medical Design and Outsouring, a MassDevice resource. I also produce videos and podcasts as needed.

Prior to Medical Design and Outsourcing, I wrote a variety of stories for Norfolk State University’s campus newspaper, The Spartan Echo, ranging from politics to obituaries.

In my spare time, I enjoy building websites from scratch and designing graphics in Photoshop. I love to create cool and interesting things for a variety of media, whether that’s writing news articles, making graphics, or taking pictures.

On any normal day, you can find me exploring new ways to convey messages in a constantly changing society, downloading new typefaces for my graphics in Photoshop, or browsing Pinterest for aesthetically pleasing graphics that I want to try to recreate. You can probably also find me researching weird etymology facts (e.g. the word ‘apron’ used to be ‘napron,’ but people spoke quickly and ‘a napron’ became ‘an apron.’), driving around with the top down on my old Jeep Wrangler, or finding new and better ways to cook Gnocchi.

Either way, I put my greatest effort into everything I do and I make sure that the work that I put out is of the best quality it can be. As my fifth grade English teacher used to say, “Good, better, best. Never settle for less. We work hard each day until our good becomes our best.”